New Correx stands

We have sourced some correx stands and made them available on site under the extras and tools section.

Limited qty for now but more to follow if they are popular.

Adhesive wallets now ready to ship

We have 6000 adhesive card pockets ready to ship. 

Adhesive card wallets are on the way!

These are now ordered and are in production for us.
Informed that these will arrive in approx 10-14 days so we expect them in around another 7 days or so.

Keep you eyes on twitter and instagram for the arrival 😉

If you would like us to stock something to help you which you think other consultants will find useful, please let us know and we will try our best to get a good price and a better deal for you. 

How do you fancy winning £25 to spend on our website?

All you need to do is repost this and tag us on Instagram @thedecalmanuk and one winner will be chosen at random. 

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Car and van Magnets added

Pictures for the larger magnet will be added soon, but please be aware there may be a longer wait on magnets than other decals. These take a lot longer to create than standard decals.

We have added car and van magnets to the site.

Due to popular demand we have added two sizes 22×44 and 40×80

New board kits

We were asked to make these and thought we should give others the option to purchase these too.

These are A2 board kits and available in the correx Visuals section.

New changes to the holidays board kit

We have changed the layout and wording on the holidays and sickness board kit.
Although created for a consultant we have removed the 1 hour part and edited accordingly.

We can of course add in the 1 hour part if required or any other detail.