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All you need to do is repost this and tag us on Instagram @thedecalmanuk and one winner will be chosen at random. 

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Car and van Magnets added

Pictures for the larger magnet will be added soon, but please be aware there may be a longer wait on magnets than other decals. These take a lot longer to create than standard decals.

We have added car and van magnets to the site.

Due to popular demand we have added two sizes 22×44 and 40×80

New board kits

We were asked to make these and thought we should give others the option to purchase these too.

These are A2 board kits and available in the correx Visuals section.

New changes to the holidays board kit

We have changed the layout and wording on the holidays and sickness board kit.
Although created for a consultant we have removed the 1 hour part and edited accordingly.

We can of course add in the 1 hour part if required or any other detail.

All caught up!

Well that was a busy few weeks ;). And thank you for your patience during the busy period. We are now back to our normal workloads and will be adding a few things to the site soon.

Processing orders.


I’m back from a relaxing holiday and all orders are being Processed from today. 

Please bear with me as orders have been flying in while I have been away, so catching up may take some time. 

I will be working from 7am until 11pm most nights to try and catch up as quickly as possible. 

I will process all orders in date order so if you only ordered a few days ago it may be a while until I get to you I’m afraid. (It may go a lot quicker though)

If you have any questions or concerns please drop me an email I will reply as soon as I can. 

Many thanks 

Away for 2 weeks

We are now closed for 2 weeks.

2nd Feb – 16th Feb.

If you Place an order from today: 31/1/19 we will not be able to process your order until we return.

Many thanks

50th anniversary logo

We are now making the 50th anniversary logo. Check them out on site or on our Instagram or Twitter account @thedecalmanuk available in small or 12 inch width sizes. And can be used for all applications from car windows to boxes to spruce up your group equipment.

Available in black or white text with the new 50 in gold. If you fancy something a little more fancy we can make the text to whatever colour you fancy.