Car decals and cold weather

It’s not advisable to install car decals in cold weather but if you need to please read the following note.

Follow the guide to the letter we have in the how to section but BEFORE you even start.

Drive your car around and make sure the inside of the car is really warm almost HOT this will warm the rear window nicely.

This will now help the decal adhere better during the cold weather.

Also you MUST make sure your decal is at least at room temprature before you start.
A cold decal is brittle and will not apply or remove from the backing paper making it a very complex install.

If you have a garage use it cold installs are easy enough but you need to make sure everything is warm before you begin.

Postage and tracking

You will receive a tracking number once your item has been dispatched.

A tracking number from Hermes can be used to nominate a safe place like a shed or garage or even be left with a neighbour.

We cannot add notes to be left in the garage it has to be done by the receiver.

Just enter your tracking number on the Hermes website and enter your postcode to nominate a safe place or neighbour.

A new payment method

The idea behind Initiative Q is to first create a critical mass of users, which can then be harnessed to create the world’s best payment network. Therefore, our primary focus is to get millions of Q members registered, after which we will continue recruiting the world’s top professionals in payment systems, macroeconomics, and Internet technologies. For more information, contact

You can signup with no costs or fees and you will get free money when you signup ready to use when the program starts.

Im already signed up ready for the new revolution in payments will you??

Use this link and get free Q’s

Courier issues

We have encountered a severe issue with our courier company!!!
We were using PACKLINK who are an ebay shipping company.

We chose this company as it integrated with our website and ebay all in one which meant we could offer a tracking service and faster shipping in one place. 

Now things have gone horribly wrong!

We have had 15 parcels delayed or missing out of 98! (just this month)
This is extremely unacceptable and has so far cost us over £500 in lost goods plus postage of each item.

We are contacting those affected and have changed our courier due to the sheer lack of professionalism and stress this has caused myself and family.

We would ask kindly to bear with me while i try to resolve this issue.

I have been told by hermes your parcels are in the system and will arrive but packlink systems are not working as they should, this means we have no way of tracking them and could have a big delay or may never arrive.

Currently there are over 40’000 packlink parcels in backlog according to hermes customer service as of today 27/08/19.

As i work alone and things have gone crazy busy keeping on top of orders and trying to resolve a massive problem like this means i’m working until past midnight most evenings.

I can only apologise for the shambles of this HUGE company in which i placed my faith, trust and money.

Sadly not one of the companies involved wish to help resolve this issue.

HERMES – Will not talk to me about these as they were ordered through packlink.

Packlink – is live chat only or support ticket they have not responded to any of my tickets and disconnect from live chat as soon as i ask for a claim form!

Paypal – Cannot help as money was for a service provided not an item.

So as it stands i have to cover the losses even though your parcels were insured. 

Please understand this is not an excuse you can clearly see from your tracking info i have fulfilled my side and shipped but that’s where it’s fell apart. 

I will be in touch with those affected very shortly.

Many thanks

Special offer.

Special offer!

Replacement plastics AND A-frame decals for your A-frame and only £12 while sticks last.

Just add your group details, select decal fitment and off you go smart and clean new a-frame ready to go.

Trial of Next day delivery.

We have added an extra option for uk postage.
Next Day delivery is now available if required.
Collections are 7.00am each day mon-fri (orders placed friday will be collected saturday but will not be delivered until monday.

This does not mean your order will be completed and delivered the next day it just means when we ship your order it will arrive to you the next day once shipped. 

If you are ordering non custom cut orders say card wallets or a-frame plastics these will be shipped the following day 7.00am for next day delivery.

New Correx stands

We have sourced some correx stands and made them available on site under the extras and tools section.

Limited qty for now but more to follow if they are popular.